New Life Youth


It is not an accident that you are reading this. 

In fact, we were expecting you to come check us out. 

We understand that young people have things happening around them that only they can understand. And we also know that God has a plan for every young man and woman. This is why we ask the Lord for guidance so we can help you guys find out what these plans are, and help you through your teen-age years. 

We also know that it can be uncomfortable when you don’t know what happens or what to expect in Youth Group meetings. But don't worry, you will know a thing or two before you get there. Invite a friend to join you if you want to, and see you there.


Check back here or on the Events page for upcoming Youth events.



Our Youth meets Thursday nights @ 7 pm and are dismissed promptly after one and a half hours. 

Please arrange for an adult to drop you off and pick you up. 


Youth meetings are less structured when compared to church services, but there will still be some elements of church.


For sure there will be less pressure. Everyone is free to do as they please but in a decent, secure and orderly manner. 

Not every meeting will be quite the same but for one thing, God's Presence is the center of everything that we do.


There is no standard attire.

We welcome you to come as comfortably as you would like to be, just keep in mind that we are in a church setting. Please come in an attire you believe will be honorable to our Lord.


There will be events that will be outdoors or outside the church, the appropriate attire for the specific event is expected. Events include summer camps, conferences, sports meets, etc.


You don't have to do anything you do not want to. You can come as you are, even be a quiet observer if you prefer. Invite someone to go with you is one thing you can do if you don't want to come by yourself. 


Feel free to enjoy a short time of meeting other people your age in a safe environment. Experience the warmth, the love and the joy which takes place when people come together in the Name of the Lord.