We are now living in the days of Anti-Christ, perilous days.  We are facing perilous winds of devil doctrines that imprison people through deception.  They promise undeliverable concepts which is based on selfish greed.  This has been tried repeatedly and failed every time.  The result is many lives have been destroyed for lack of spiritual maturity in our great savior Jesus Christ.  These are the people who got saved out of Egypt but lost their way in the wilderness of sin.  They were distracted and blinded by the hot desert breezes of distractions.   They allowed the old man of sin to rule their life and did not crucify the old man. 


     Perilous winds of entertainment, big tech, politics, education, and religion are blowing throughout the world.  They are dangerous and will captivate people everywhere.  The ungodly are not protected by the Holy Spirit.  The lovers of self, and lovers of money will easily be attracted to the Anti-Christ system that is being unveiled daily.  Deception takes place when you want something so bad that you will agree to the terms of the deceiver.  Eve surrendered to the terms of Satan.  Samson played into the hands of Delilah because he wanted something from her, and Lot wanted to live in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.  They became friends of the world, which is enmity with God.  Perilous winds are blowing at ferocious speeds throughout the world. 


     Where tornadoes and hurricanes occur, people are prepared with a plan to live through these perilous ferocious winds.  They have warning systems in place and storm shelters to retreat to and ride out the storms.  The Lord has prepared warning systems and storm shelters for everyone.  It is the local church where the gospel of Jesus is preached and worshiped constantly.  Jesus has paid our sin debt on the cross and offers freedom for everyone.  Once you give your life to Jesus, he will give you spiritual eyes and spiritual ears to worship the Father in spirit and truth.  You will be able to see the perilous winds and navigate them without any harm.  Jesus will lead you through the dangerous days ahead of you.  When you make your mind up to follow Jesus all the way to Heaven’s glory gate then you will have his eyes and ears to see what he sees.  You will not get caught up in the perilous winds that blow across the land from house to house.  The goal is to get caught up in Jesus and be caught up to heaven in the rapture when it takes place.


     I have a precious friend that mentored me in my early years of growth at my first duty station in Mississippi.  The Lord Jesus placed him in my life, and he got my first youth ministry position and worship leader in his church.  I was scheduled to meet with him on Saturday after my night duty, but I overslept.  That was when the tornado touched down in his trailer park.  Those perilous winds picked his trailer up off the ground and scattered it everywhere.  He was in the trailer with his wife and baby daughter of three months.  I drove by the trailer park and noticed that his trailer was missing.

I just knew that the Lord oversaw his life, and that the Lord had kept me from those perilous winds.  Now I had to wait and see what happened. 


     The result was that he and his wife came through with a few scratches.  Surely his daughter did not do as well in those perilous winds.  Not true, she is almost fifty years old today, and our marvelous Lord Jesus rested that three-month-old baby in a mud puddle without one scratch. Our Lord is an awesome God.  He’s a Holy God.  He’s a loving God.  He’s a righteous God.  He’s for you.  He’s the King of Kings that will surround you with his mighty angelic army. My friend came through those perilous ferocious winds because he was caught up in the life and blessings of Jesus.  He loved Jesus more than anything on earth, and I knew that in our meetings where he sharpened me daily.  Everyone needs a mentor to live victorious and reach the promised land.  The Lord Jesus has a blessing with your name on it.  Get ready to receive it and claim it for his glory.

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Blessings on Your Life in Jesus,


Glen Howard Moore, B.A., Masters of Divinity