10.10.2021   BURNING BUSH

     We are living in the day of terror in our nation and the world.  People are sitting in their homes full of anxiety, dread, worry and fear.  They feel hopeless.  They have no strength to stand against the enemy of their soul. They don’t know where to go or what to do. They are ready to give up.  People are afraid of the terror at night and the arrow that flies by day, Psalm 91:5.  The Bible states emphatically that those followers of Jesus Christ will be covered with the feathers of God and dwell under His wings and His faithfulness are a shield and rampart surrounding us.


     The Sovereign Lord is in total control.  All you have to do is trust Him with your life each and everyday as you give yourself to Him in prayer, give yourself to His Word, to His house, to His family, and many more areas.  The principle is to “GIVE YOURSELF” to Him and He will give Himself to you and all of heaven’s resources.  The issue is not in God who is in total control.  The issue is in your faith to rest and trust Him with your life and know that you know He will move mountains for you.  We have been called to have mountain-moving faith where God gets all the glory for what He has done in our lives.


Eye has not seen, ear has not heard what God has prepared for them that love the Lord God Almighty, 1 Cor. 2:9.  The Bible gives us story after story where God’s people took on Giants, parted the Red Sea, walked out of the fiery furnaces, and slept with the Lions to let us know that He will do the same for us.  Turn your eyes upon Jesus and look full into his face and you will feel new strength flowing into your Spirit. 


     The Bible is very clear in Psalm 56:3 that when fear comes upon you the best thing to do is to trust in the Lord your God.  Trust is putting everything on the altar and letting the Lord determine the outcome.  It will be good.  He always prepares us with the right answer.  Sometimes we have to review and confess any sin that He brings to mind.  Forgive all those people that have trespassed against you and ask God to forgive you for your trespasses, Matt. 6:12-14.  Those who want the blessing and favor of Jesus in their life will do whatever he asks them to do.


     The Father never asks us for the impossible, but we ask Him for the impossible most days.  That is what He is good at in our life.  He is a safe place to hide and ready to help us when we need Him, which allows us to stand fearless at the cliff edge of doom.  He fills us with courage and power during our doomsday situation. 


Trust and Obey

For There’s No Other Way

To Be Happy In Jesus

Than to Trust and Obey


     All of us will arrive in the Promised Land through our training in the Lord.  As you give yourself to the Father you will avoid the snares and traps of the wilderness.  You will avoid the scorpions, rattlesnakes, and coyotes that roam the wilderness looking to devour someone.  Now you will be ready with the sword and shield of your spiritual armor to face the enemy.  You will not fear the terror at night or the arrow that flies by day.  You will discover that Jacob-wrestling God fights for us in every situation. 


     This may take time to learn.  It can be learned faster with the help of a mentor and greater focus.  The key is in the GIVING OF YOURSELF in your training in the Lord.  The Bible is very clear that whatever we sow we shall reap in Gal. 6:9. This verse instructs us to not become weary in doing good.  Whatever you give you will receive back in a God given harvest, sowing and reaping.

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Blessings on Your Life in Jesus,


Glen Howard Moore, B.A., Masters of Divinity