10.24.2021   SEVEN FOR HEAVEN

     In the Christian life we are given many opportunities to express our love for the Lord Jesus. Some of the ways we can express our love for Jesus is by giving ourselves to the “Word of God” and “Prayer” and “Witnessing.”  When I first became a believer a spiritual mentor told me that I needed to witness to someone about my new life in Jesus Christ.  I wasn’t ready for that one, but I knew that he was right. He encouraged me by volunteering to go with me.  I was still uncomfortable about that and thought that I needed more training time in learning more about Jesus.  Suddenly my life was born again when I went to the altar and repented of my sins and promised to serve Jesus for the rest of my life and do what ever he asked me to do.


     I prepared as best I could to share my new faith and was ready for divine appointments.  I was used to knocking on doors to collect paper money, but I was not ready to knock on doors and collect souls for eternity.  I was in a comfortable home Church environment, but everything changed when I entered the Air Force.  My faith was on trial and it was a sink or swim time for my faith.  I was not about to give up and walk away from my new life in Jesus Christ.  My Lord paid a great price to free me from my sin debt of death.  No turning back from the cross.  So I was on trial for my faith.  I was not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, (Rom. 1:16).


     I prayed, prepared, and witnessed for Jesus at every opportunity.  I knew that if I did not take a stand for Jesus then the enemy would attack my faith with every weapon he had in his arsenal.  I began to target prayer all the soldiers I knew for salvation.  I worked with them and lived with them, so I had no home to retreat to at the end of the day.  I began to go to Church with a new mentor in my life and became the youth pastor.  Now I was in the army of the Lord serving in a local Church training the youth group.  I soaked up every sermon the Pastor preached and hung out with him as much as possible.  I had a new support network and they talked about soul winning all the time.  He that winneth souls is wise, (Prov. 11:30).


     I did not give up my prayer targets and friends for life in the comfort zone at the Church. I prayed for my friends and played with my friends at the gym.  I engaged them for Jesus at every opportunity.  I was after my “Seven for Heaven.”  My friends gave me some new names that became my future life calling.  Who would know?  God had me in Air Force training for a future in His ministry.  I continued my ministry in prayer. I also learned that the word of God would never come back void, and it did not, (Isa. 55:11).  One day I invited my roommate to attend Church with me and he came just to get me off his back.  That was a mistake.  I had been praying for him regularly, and that day he gave his life to the Lord Jesus, and I felt as if I was being born again all over.  Now I had a partner in prayer witnessing in the dormitory.


     Prayer witnessing is where it all begins.  Prayer breaks up the fallow hard ground in a person’s heart so that there is good soil to receive God’s word when He opens the door for your witness, (Matt. 13:18-23; Zech. 7:12).  Your faith will explode when you share your prepared testimony to your neighbor that God put next to your house.  You are the watchmen on the wall that God has called to warn them of the eternal life and destination of a non-believer, (Ezekiel 3:17-19).  Let us be busy in the field of souls with divine appointments, prayers without ceasing for their salvation.  The Holy Spirit will move as you pray and bind you to them in prayer.  You will feel a burden for their soul and you will feel your faith growing because of your constant prayer for them.  You will be rewarded for your labor in prayer, fasting, and witnessing for Jesus Christ, (Gal 6:9,  Matt. 25:21).  You will have stories to tell throughout eternity.

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Blessings on Your Life in Jesus,


Glen Howard Moore, B.A., Masters of Divinity